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Housing, horses, movement and mortality; child loss in Scotland, Ireland and England 1891-1911

26th November 2012 4pm, St Andrews University Irvine Lecture Theatre

Eilidh Garrett, University of Cambridge and University of St Andrews

This is a joint CPC/Scottish Longitudinal Study seminar. The 1911 censuses of England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland all included questions on fertility and child loss. Until recently the individual responses given to these questions were only available for Ireland. This paper will discuss work undertaken on the censuses and street directories of the 1901-1911 decade for the city of Belfast looking at the relationship between housing, the proximity of health hazards, such as stables, and infant mortality. One of the questions investigated was whether the movement of the population of married couples into and around the city may distort our understanding of the interactions between hazards and health. The paper will examine our findings for Belfast, and will outline how we propose to extend this work to build on our previous research on the towns of Kilmarnock in Scotland and Ipswich in England.