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The Pinch: How the baby boomers took their children's future and why they should give it back

9th March 2012 12.30pm, University of Southampton 37/Senate room

Rt.Hon. David Willetts MP

In his recent book the Rt.Hon Davit Willetts MP examines how demographic changes over the past 50 years have impacted on inter-generational relations. He argues that the baby boomer generation (born in the period 1646-1965), through their sheer demographic size, have dominated the cultural, economic and political landscape and that this dominance risks being at the expense of their children. As the large cohort of baby boomers enter retirement and are replaced by a smaller working age population, this group will be "taxed more, work longer hours for less money, have lower social mobility and live in a degraded environment in order to pay for their parents quality of life". Thus he proposes that the baby boomers have "stolen their children's future" and puts forward a range of solutions as to how they can "give it back". David's lecture will be of interest to anyone interested in public policy and fairness between the generations.