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A lifecourse perspective on the role of ethnicity in internal migration in young adulthood in Britain.

20th October 2011 3pm, University of Southampton 58/1009

Nissa Finney, Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research, University of Manchester

Political concerns about ethnic integration and community cohesion over the last decade have reignited studies of ethnic geographies and processes of local ethnic group population change, particularly internal migration. This presentation will review the findings of this body of work on ethnic differences in residential mobility within Britain; present findings of analyses that examine the role of ethnicity in internal migration from a lifecourse perspective; and conclude by proposing theoretical and political priorities for this field and methodological challenges in bringing these priorities to fruition.

The presentation addresses the following questions: Are there ethnic differences in levels and geographies of residential mobility? Are key life events in young adulthood (study, partnership, children) differently associated with migration across ethnic groups? How do migration and housing experiences vary for Higher Education students of different ethnic groups? The presentation uses 2001 census microdata and Special Migration Statistics, commissioned Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) data (2009-10) and early findings from pilot qualitative interviews.

The results show that ethnic differences in residential mobility exist and persist, after accounting for the demographic and socio-economic composition of ethnic groups. Geographical differences are also found, though there are commonalities in the geographical processes of migration (for example, suburbanisation). Migration is differently associated with partnership and study for White, Asian and Black young adults indicating differing residential norms in the transition to adulthood. For students, for example, the 'norm' of the mobile student applies only to White undergraduates.

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