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Future and family:First evidence from Italy and Spain

4th May 2017 3pm, University of Southampton, Building 58, Room 4121

Lynn Jamieson and Adele Lebano, Centre for Population Change, University of Edinburgh

This presentation will focus on the evidence emerging from the qualitative interviews conducted in Italy and Spain between October 2016 and March 2017. The aim of the study is to understand how different circumstances and uncertainties in the present impact on how people see their futures in Italy, Spain and the UK. In-depth interviews with young men and women aged 30-35 are documenting their present choices and views of their futures, including partnership and childbearing. The research participants are men and women without children or with one child in established couple relationships. In each country, the starting point for recruitment is two localities with contrasting regional trends in rates of fertility and economic performance. The study is part of a bigger programme on fertility change in the context of economic recession, especially on the timing and circumstances of having and not having children.