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Healthy Life Expectancy at age 65 - past, present and future

30th March 2017 1pm, Room 1/G/8, Ladywell House, Edinburgh

Carol Jagger, Newcastle University

One of the most important questions with population ageing is whether the extra years of life we are enjoying, around two years increase in life expectancy every decade, are healthy ones, and how trends will play out in the future. This question is important not only for the provision of health and social care but also for pension policy. In this seminar I will first briefly review past trends in healthy life expectancy in the UK trends, making comparisons with other European countries and wider. Secondly I will describe current values of health expectancies in England, covering various measures of health including new estimates on years in different care states. Finally drivers of past trends will be discussed along with projections of healthy life expectancy from a new dynamic microsimulation model PACSim.