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Social and Population Change: Lessons from a dynamic typology of coastal towns

26th January 2017 1pm, Ladywell House, Edinburgh

Paula Duffy, University of St Andrews

Many communities around Scotland coasts have been experiencing a period of demographic and socio-economic change. However not all communities are changing in the same way or indeed facing the same challenges. In this seminar, Results from a multi-level typology of coastal localities for Scotland will be presented, drawing on data from the Scottish Census (2001 -2011). The typology illustrates the similarities and difference between coastal localities and how demographic and social change is seen to be integral to gaining a better understanding of these places. The research acknowledges the criticisms and limitations of such approaches and offers emerging and complimentary qualitative evidence from voices of both community and stakeholders to better understand how mobility (commuting, residential mobility, internal migration and international migration) is shaping the futures of Scotland's coastal communities.