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A new look at the housing consequences of union dissolution in Britain

16th February 2017 3pm, University of Southampton, Room 8033, Building 54

Rory Coulter, University of Cambridge

Paper co-authored with Michael Thomas and Clara H Mulder (University of Groningen). Many studies have shown that union dissolution often has adverse short- and long-term consequences for the housing careers of men and women. However, much of this research concentrates on who exited and subsequently re-entered homeownership after separating during the late twentieth century boom in owner-occupation. As homeownership has become less accessible in recent years and a growing proportion of households now rent privately, it is becoming increasingly important to also know more about how men and women living in rental accommodation adjust their housing and living arrangements in response to partnership dissolution. In consequence, we use up-to-date and geocoded data from the initial waves of the United Kingdom Household Longitudinal Study to assess how and why the short-term housing outcomes of separation vary by gender, tenure and across Britain. This seminar will present and discuss some initial findings from this ongoing project. To register your attendance at this talk please visit our Eventbrite booking page