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Estimation of a synthetic wage measure using detailed standard occupation classifications

29th September 2016 1pm, Ladywell House, Edinburgh Room 1/G/8

Tom Clemens, University of Edinburgh

Income level is predictive of many health outcomes and is therefore an important potential confounder in many health studies. However, survey measurement of income is tricky and is often missing or poorly measured in epidemiological studies because of its complexity and sensitivity. This seminar outlines an alternative approach based on the estimation of a synthetic wage measure based on detailed occupation categories. The talk will discuss the method we adopted, the performance of the newly created synthetic measure compared to other measures of socio-economic status and wider uses and extensions of the measure. I will also discuss how the measure can be created in other datasets based on a simple user written program in the Stata software package. The seminar will conclude with a discussion of the extent to which measures such as these may reduce the need to collect income information in surveys and administrative data.