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Moving to move up? Disentangling the link between spatial and occupational mobility

30th June 2016 1pm, Ladywell House, Room 1/G/8, Ladywell House

David McCollum, University of St Andrews

Despite being the focus of much research, the relationship between spatial and social mobility remains contested. The key question in these debates relates to the issue of how individual and place effects, and spatial mobility, interact to generate specific occupational outcomes and trajectories. Whilst conceptually intriguing, a longstanding challenge faced by scholars in this realm relates to the availability of data sources and methodological approaches that allow for the empirical definition and disentanglement of the various factors that 'produce' occupational mobility. The approach taken in this analysis explores these relationships in the context of occupational mobility in Scotland 2001-2011 using the census based Scottish Longitudinal Study (SLS). This presentation will consider the practical and theoretical advances offered by this approach to examining the complex nexus between occupational and spatial mobility. We will also introduce a new project which will mainly use the SLS to explore recent internal population dynamics in Scotland.