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Branch of Occupation and Divorce Risks in Denmark

8th October 2015 4pm, University of Southampton, Room 1129, Building 06 (Nuffield Theatre)

Gunnar Andersson, Stockholm University

The current study covers the divorce risks of women and men in Denmark during 1981-2002. It is based on register data on all women and men born in 1945 and later that married in Denmark during 1981-2002. We control for standard socio-demographic covariates of divorce: age at and duration of marriage, educational attainment, metropolitan residence, and number of children. Our main independent variable is branch of occupation, which is sub-divided into 47 different categories. In general, divorce risks do not differ tremendously across branches but a few of them stand out: women and men on farms and in library or pharmacy businesses have the lowest divorce risks; the highest risks are found among women and men in hotel and restaurants and in manpower businesses. A more in-depth analysis reveals how divorce risks are related to the sex composition of employees in each sector and the degree to which the sector comprises part-time employment.