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Reproductive Biographies from the Longitudinal Database of the Population of Andalusia (LDBPA)

20th April 2015 1pm, Seminar Room, Ladywell House, Edinburgh

Diego Ramiro-Farinas, Spanish National Research Council, Juan del Ojo Mesa and Francisco Viciana Fernandez, Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia

In this presentation we will discuss the relationship between change in social structures and reproductive behaviours using the Longitudinal Database of the Population of Andalusia (LDBPA). We argue that Spain, in relation to its surroundings, is a good example of a late and rapid demographic transition, which is roughly overlapped with the emergence of the new cycle of change which has been named by Ron Lesthaegue as the Second demographic transition. This overlap of the reproductive model, similar to what is taking place today in many newly developed countries, is particularly evident in Southern Spain: Andalusia. Despite being less economically developed, this region with 8 million inhabitants has experienced profound structural change with economic, educational and family changes in recent decades. The newly developed LDBPA allow us to analyse some of these changes by reconstructing individual trajectories of the Andalusian population since the late twentieth century.