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Migrants in Europe: a view on life courses and the family

4th March 2010 3pm, University of Southampton, 58/1009

Helga de Valk, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Research on migrants often focuses on one aspect of their social and or cultural integration in the host society. In my talk I want to take a more comprehensive view on the life course of migrants and the role of the family based on two ongoing projects. First of all I focus on the transition to adulthood of immigrant youth by study the timing and sequencing of major events in the transition to adulthood of second generation Turkish and Moroccan and native Dutch youth. I will discuss the diversity in trajectories both within and between each of the three groups of origin. Second, I will present new findings from a project on the importance of family relations and loneliness among immigrants of different origin. In my talk I assess the role and importance of family relations and life course events on perceived loneliness. I will conclude with a discussion of potential future directions in this research field.