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Family background and young adults' housing tenure pathways in England and Wales, 1971-2011

26th February 2015 1.00pm, Room 1/G/8, Ladywell House

Rory Coulter, University of Cambridge

Declining rates of homeownership in young adulthood and young people's growing reliance on the private rental sector are fuelling debates about how tenure change is reshaping British society. Concerns have been voiced that inequalities between and within generations are increasing as access to owner-occupation becomes more difficult and more dependent on familial support. Although much is known about recent trends in young adults' housing circumstances, few studies have examined how young people's longer term tenure pathways are affected by their family background. Furthermore, very little is known about how these intergenerational effects have changed over time. Drawing on data from the Office for National Statistics Longitudinal Study of England and Wales, I present the first findings from a new project comparing the long-term housing tenure pathways of three cohorts of young people. After describing key trends I use logistic regression models to examine how different cohorts of young adults' tenure attainments are linked to the family type, social class and housing tenure of their parents. The results illustrate how patterns of social stratification and intergenerational social mobility are tied to the housing system.