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Redefining ageing: The role of grandparenting

23rd April 2015 3pm, University of Southampton, 02/1039 (L/T K)

Valeria Bordone, Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA, VID/OAW, WU), International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

A joint CPC/CRA seminar: Individual and population ageing are usually linked to chronological age. The United Nations conventionally set the threshold for "being old" at the age of 60 or 65, but recent studies have shown that the idea of a static measure of age is changing and dimensions of age other than chronological age are relevant. Under the awareness of ageing umbrella, the concept of felt or subjective age accounts for how old a person feels to be. How old persons feel is grounded in the demographic realities around them. Social roles and age-related social categorizations that exist in society can also serve as signals for a person's age evaluation. The role of grandparent is one of the most salient roles in later life and it is considered as an age reminder. In this study we explore the association between several grandparent-related outcomes and felt age: Do grandchildren make you feel older?