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Secrets of IPUMS-International: Integrating and disseminating census microdata to researchers world-wide free of cost

4th December 2013 4pm, University of Southampton 58/1007

Robert McCaa, University of Minnesota

This is a joint CPC and EPSRC Care Life Cycle (CLC) seminar

IPUMS-International is a global initiative begun in 1999 to preserve, integrate and disseminate census microdata. 100 official statistical agencies -- including the Office of National Statistics in the UK -- have embraced IPUMS-International protocols for managing access to microdata free of cost. Researchers world-wide download custom-tailored extracts from for more than two hundred censuses covering as many as five decades. The talk will bare some of the secrets of the project, share tips for exploiting the database, and discuss new projects: TerraPop (GIS), remote data access, integrating other types of microdata, and cooperation with national, regional and global initiatives.