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Care for Older People and Migrant Labour

20th June 2013 1pm, University of Southampton, 58/1007

Isabel Shutes, London School of Economics

Migrant labour has increasingly played a role in the provision of care for older people in the UK (Cangiano et al., 2009) and in other European countries (Bettio et al., 2006; Leon, 2010; Osterle and Hammer, 2007). These countries have exhibited varying forms of marketisation to both the public and familial provision of care (Shutes and Chiatti, 2012). The presentation examines the position of migrant labour within the provision of care for older people in England. It looks at the extent to which migrant workers are concentrated in particular sectors, settings and types of care work. Drawing on qualitative interviews with migrant care workers, it examines these workers' experiences of the conditions of care work in the different settings in which care for older people is provided. The presentation considers the implications of the conditions of care work, and the social divisions of care labour (including divisions based on citizenship), for the analysis of care systems.