The CPC Seminar Series takes place between October and June, all seminars are free to attend and no registration is required. If you would like to present please contact

24th January 20185pmUniversity of Southampton, Room 1067, Building 58Jonathan Portes, King's College LondonImmigration after Brexit
7th December 20173pmUniversity of SouthamptonJonas Radl, Universidad Carlos III de MadridHow does knowledge on societal ageing affect attitudes towards welfare state reform? Evidence from a survey experiment in Germany, Spain and the United States
7th December 201712.45pmRoom 1/G/8, Ladywell House, EdinburghNicola Barban, University of OxfordGene-neighborhood interactions in educational attainment
26th October 20171pmRoom 1/G/8, Ladywell House, EdinburghCristina Iannelli, University of EdinburghCurriculum choices and inequalities in school leavers' labour market outcomes
19th October 20172pmUniversity of Southampton, Building 58, Room 1023Panayotes Demakakos, University College LondonChildhood experiences of parenting and cancer risk at older ages: Findings from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA)
28th September 20171pmRoom 1/G/8, Ladywell House, EdinburghJulia Mikolai and Hill Kulu, University of St AndrewsUnion dissolution, residential mobility and housing in Britain
29th June 20171pmRoom 1/G/8, Ladywell House, EdinburghDavid Bell, University of Stirling and Centre for Population ChangeRecent Developments in Scottish Mortality Rates
22nd June 20173pmUniversity of Southampton, Building 54, Room 5027Hanlin Shang, Australian National UniversityReconciling forecasts of age distribution of death counts: Application to fixed-term annuity pricing
25th May 20171pmRoom 1/G/8, Ladywell House, EdinburghDavid McCollum and Glenna Nightingale, University of St Andrews and Centre for Population ChangeExamining the determinants of occupational mobility: an innovative approach using a combined weighted BHPS and UKHLS dataset
18th May 20173pmUniversity of Southampton, Room 8033, Building 54Matloob Piracha, University of KentRemittances, labour supply and occupational outcomes of the household members left-behind
4th May 20173pmUniversity of Southampton, Building 58, Room 4121Lynn Jamieson and Adele Lebano, Centre for Population Change, University of EdinburghFuture and family:First evidence from Italy and Spain
27th April 20171pmRoom 1/G/8, Ladywell House, EdinburghNissa Finney, University of St Andrews and Centre for Population ChangeVariations in internal migration by ethnic group: a longitudinal and multi-data approach
30th March 20171pmRoom 1/G/8, Ladywell House, EdinburghCarol Jagger, Newcastle UniversityHealthy Life Expectancy at age 65 - past, present and future
16th March 20173pmUniversity of Southampton, Room 5027 , Building 54David Banks, Duke University, USAStatistical Issues with Agent-Based Models
2nd March 20173pmSouthampton, Room 1083 (L/R C), Building 6 (Nuffield)Sarah R. Brauner-Otto, McGill UniversityThe Relationship between Housing and Fertility: A macro-level, cross-country investigation
23rd February 20171pmRoom 1/G/8, Ladywell House, EdinburghMariachiara Di Cesare, Middlesex University and Imperial CollegeTrends in risk factors for non-communicable diseases: a global effort
16th February 20173pmUniversity of Southampton, Room 8033, Building 54Rory Coulter, University of CambridgeA new look at the housing consequences of union dissolution in Britain
26th January 20171pmLadywell House, EdinburghPaula Duffy, University of St AndrewsSocial and Population Change: Lessons from a dynamic typology of coastal towns
19th January 20173pmUniversity of Southampton, Room 1065, Building 58Megan Sweeney, UCLA/University of OxfordThe Changing Context of Contraceptive Choice across the Reproductive Life Course in the USA and Britain
12th January 20173pmUniversity of Southampton, Building 58, Room 1023Ren Qiang, Peking UniversityAn Introduction to China Family Panel Studies
8th December 20163pmUniversity of Southampton, Room 1085, Building 2Andrew Cairns, Herriott Watt UniversityModelling Socio-Economic Differences in the Mortality of Danish Males Using a New Affluence Index
1st December 20162pmUniversity of Southampton, Room 1023, Building 58Sylvie Dubuc, University of OxfordImmigrants and fertility in the UK: Macro and micro perspectives
24th November 20161pmLadywell House, Room 1/G/8, EdinburghShereen Hussein, King's College LondonJob Control, Demand and Moral Distress Among Social Care Workers in England
27th October 20162pmUniversity of Southampton, Room 1065, Building 58Stephen Jivraj, UCL Institute of Epidemiology and Health CareTesting concurrent validity in retrospective life history data using a prospective cohort study
27th October 20161pmRoom 1/G/8, Ladywell House, EdinburghElise Whitley, University of GlasgowSuccessful ageing in the West of Scotland
29th September 20161pmLadywell House, Edinburgh Room 1/G/8Tom Clemens, University of EdinburghEstimation of a synthetic wage measure using detailed standard occupation classifications
20th September 20163pmUniversity of Southampton, Room 1067, Building 58Bruno Arpino, Universitat Pompeu FabraDeviations from normative family trajectories and life satisfaction at older ages
30th June 20161pmLadywell House, Room 1/G/8, Ladywell HouseDavid McCollum, University of St AndrewsMoving to move up? Disentangling the link between spatial and occupational mobility
21st June 20163pmUniversity of Southampton, Building 58, Room 1007John Bryant, Statistics New ZealandBayesian demography made (almost) simple
9th June 20163pmUniversity of Southampton, Building 58, Room 1007Ernestina Coast, London School of EconomicsAbortion trajectories: a conceptual framework and research reflections
26th May 20161pmLadywell House, Edinburgh, Room 1/G/8Dr Stephen Jivraj, University College LondonEngland's post war birth cohorts: living longer, but are they healthier?
19th May 20163pmUniversity of Southampton 02/1039 (L/T K)Xiaoting Liu, Zhejiang UniversityLong Term Care for older people in China: Need, cost and policy design
5th May 20163pmUniversity of Southampton, Building 58, room 1003 (L/R B)Marc Luy, Vienna Institute of DemographyHow paradoxical is the gender-and-health-paradox?
28th April 20161pmEdinburgh Room 1/G/8, Ladywell House, EdinburghPaul Norman, University of LeedsSelective migration and changing health/deprivation relationships
21st April 20163pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1023Albert Esteve, Demographic Studies Center (CED), SpainCohabitation and Marriage in the Americas: Geo-historical Legacies and New Trends
5th April 20161pmUniversity of Southampton, Building 2, Room 5033Arjan Gjonca, London School of EconomicsTradition versus development - what matters most for demographic behaviour? The case of fertility, marriage and sex imbalances at birth in Albania.
23rd March 20161.40pmThe Dome, New Register House, Princes Street, EdinburghLudi Simpson, University of ManchesterDemographic analysis and local planning - with the methodology of new NRS sub-Council Area projections as a case study
23rd March 20161pmThe Dome, New Register House, Princes Street, EdinburghNRSPresentation of the publications of sub-council area projections
25th February 20161pmEdinburgh room 1/G/8, Ladywell HouseIain Atherton and Richard Kyle, Edinburgh Napier UniversityThe Nurses' Lives Research Programme: enabling practice through new insights to population health using routine data about nurses
16th February 20163pmUniversity of Southampton, Building 2, Room 1085Ridhi Kashyap, MPDIR and University of OxfordDoes prenatal sex bias substitute postnatal bias against girls? Decomposing the fertility and mortality components of changing child sex ratios across the world
28th January 20161pmEdinburgh room 1/G/8, Ladywell HouseMichael Anderson, University of EdinburghBritish demography, c1850-c2000: how and why was Scotland different?
21st January 20162pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1067Marta Styrc, University of SouthamptonRe-evaluating the link between marriage and mental well-being: how do early life conditions attenuate differences between cohabitation and marriage?
10th December 20153pmUniversity of Southampton, Room 1003, Building 58Han Lin Shang, Australian National UniversityGrouped functional time series forecasting: An application to age-specific mortality rates
26th November 20151pmEdinburgh Room 1/G/8, Ladywell HouseSandy Taylor, Victoria Avila and Moira Weir, National Records of ScotlandCensus 2011 - how NRS are making the most of the data. Illustrations from reports on households and migration
12th November 20153pmUniversity of Southampton, Building 58, Room 1003Kieron Barclay, London School of EconomicsMaternal age and under-five mortality in developing countries: secular trends in development outweigh the risks associated with reproductive ageing
29th October 20151pmEdinburgh Room 1/G/8, Ladywell HouseAlison Bowes and Alison Dawson, University of StirlingUnpaid care for older people: a study of carers' time use
15th October 20153pmUniversity of Southampton, Room 1039 (L/T K), Building 2Jacques Poot, National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis, University of WaikatoHow diverse can diversity measurement be? Theoretical considerations and some applications
8th October 20154pmUniversity of Southampton, Room 1129, Building 06 (Nuffield Theatre)Gunnar Andersson, Stockholm UniversityBranch of Occupation and Divorce Risks in Denmark
24th September 20151pmEdinburgh Room 1/G/8, Ladywell House, EdinburghAlan Marshall, University of St AndrewsTrajectories in the prevalence of self-reported illness around retirement
10th June 20153pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1039Katja Mohring, University of BremenWomen's life courses and later life wellbeing in Europe
28th May 20151pmLadywell House, EdinburghLynn Jamieson, University of EdinburghLiving Alone
28th May 20153pmUniversity of Southampton, Building 2, Room 1039Rituparna Hajra, School of Oceanographic Studies, Jadavpur UniversityMicro-Level Vulnerability Assessment of Estuarine Islands: A Case Study from Indian Sundarban
14th May 20153pmUniversity of Southampton 02/1083Loretta Bass, University of OklahomaInequality, Identity and Integration among African-Descent Youth in France
23rd April 20153pmUniversity of Southampton, 02/1039 (L/T K)Valeria Bordone, Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA, VID/OAW, WU), International Institute for Applied Systems AnalysisRedefining ageing: The role of grandparenting
20th April 20151pmSeminar Room, Ladywell House, EdinburghDiego Ramiro-Farinas, Spanish National Research Council, Juan del Ojo Mesa and Francisco Viciana Fernandez, Institute of Statistics and Cartography of AndalusiaReproductive Biographies from the Longitudinal Database of the Population of Andalusia (LDBPA)
16th April 20153pmUniversity of Southampton,Building 58, Room 1009Vladimir Canudas-Romo, Max-Planck Odense Center on Biodemography of AgingA Measure for Comparing the Mortality History of Cohorts: TCAL
26th March 20151pmRoom 1/G/8 Ladywell House, EdinburghGlenna Nightingale and David McCollum, University of St AndrewsResidential mobility and the lifecourse: evidence of de-standardisation?
5th March 20152pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1023Ann Evans, Australian National UniversityLiving apart together relationships in Australia
26th February 20151.00pmRoom 1/G/8, Ladywell HouseRory Coulter, University of CambridgeFamily background and young adults' housing tenure pathways in England and Wales, 1971-2011
19th February 20153pmUniversity of Southampton 02/1035Kelly Musick, Cornell UniversityTrends in couples' work patterns after childbirth and implications for social inequality
29th January 20151.30pmRoom 1/G/8, Ladywell HouseDaniele Vignoli, University of FlorenceUncertain lives - Insights into the role of job precarioussness on family formation in Italy
8th January 20153pmUniversity of Southampton,58/1009Beata Osiewalska, Cracow University of EconomicsFertility and socioeconomic gender equality between a couple - A Bayesian analysis
4th December 20144pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1009Mark McCann, University of GlasgowRisk of admission to care homes for older people: findings from the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study
1st December 20144pmUniversity of Southampton, 02/1083Anna Klabunde, Max Planck Institute for Demographic ResearchAn agent-based decision model of migration, embedded in the life course
27th November 20141pmRoom 1/G/8 at Ladywell House, EdinburghRoxanne Connelly, University of EdinburghAre there changing socio-economic inequalities in childhood cognitive test performance? Analysis of three British Birth Cohort Studies
26th November 20141pmLadywell House, EdinburghYvonne Riano, University of Neuchatel and Annique Lombard, National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR)International Student Mobilities to Switzerland
20th November 20143pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1009Ian Cope, Office for National StatisticsInnovations in population statistics: what we've done and what's to come
6th November 20144pmUniversity of SouthamptonTrude Lappegard, Statistics NorwayFather involvement and fertility in Norway
23rd October 20141pmRoom 1/G/8, Ladywell House, EdinburghPaulina Trevena, Central and East European Studies, University of GlasgowExperiencing of social security and prospects for long-term settlement in Scotland amongst migrants from Central Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union
21st October 20143pmUniversity of Southampton, 54/8031(8C)Ros Willis, Centre for Research on Ageing, University of SouthamptonExploring satisfaction with adult social care services in Hampshire: the added complexity of ethnicity
24th September 20141pmRoom 1/G/8, Ladywell House, EdinburghCecilia MacIntyre, Census Quality Assurance Statistician, National Records of Scotland2011 Census special products - recent developments with origin destination data and microdata
23rd September 20143pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1009Zhongwei Zhao, Australian National UniversityFertility in Historical China: Recent Research Findings and Their Theoretical Implications
9th July 20143pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1007Dan Lichter, Cornell UniversityToward a New Macro-Segregation? Diversity, Immigration, and Changing U.S. Settlement Patterns
3rd July 20143pmUniversity of Southampton, 54/8033 (8B)Bernd Marin, European Centre for Social Welfare, Policy and ResearchWelfare in an Idle Society? Reinventing Retirement, Work, Wealth, Health, and Welfare
20th June 20143pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1007John Bryant, Statistics New ZealandA Bayesian approach to deriving population estimates from multiple datasets
17th June 20143pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1007Andre Junqueira Caetano, Catholic University of Minas GERAIS/Cedeplar - Federal University of Minas Gerais, BrazilFertility decline and increased proportions of nulliparous married women aged 30-44 years: Analysis of marital status, regional, and socioeconomic influences - Brazil, 2000-2010
13th June 20141pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1023Jonathan Azose, University of WashingtonBayesian projection of international migration for all countries
12th June 20143pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1007Graham Stark, Virtual Worlds ResearchA Microsimulation Model of Social Care in Wales
22nd May 20143pmUniversity of Southampton, 02/1039Francesco Billari, University of OxfordHappiness among Europeans in times of economic recession
22nd May 20141pmLadywell House, EdinburghGunnar Malmberg, University of UmeaMobility and linked lives: What can we learn from Swedish register data?
22nd May 20141pmLadywell House, EdinburghNikola Sander, Vinnea Institute of DemographyVisualisations: Education Flow Data
22nd May 20141pmLadywell House, EdinburghMaarten Van HamDEPRIVEDHOODS: Socio-spatial inequality, deprived neighbourhoods and neighbourhood effects
8th May 20141pmRoom 1/G/8, Ladywell House, EdinburghGiorgio Di Gessa, Karen Glaser and Anthea Tinker, King's College, LondonThe health of grandparents caring for their grandchildren: The role of early and mid-life conditions
24th April 20143pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1007Ross Macmillan, Universita BocconiNeo-liberalism and Life Expectancy: A Study in the Political-Economy of Population Health
4th April 20143pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1007Bogumil Kaminski, Division of Decision Analysis and Support, Institute of Econometrics, Warsaw School of EconomicsHypothesis verification for simulation models: Theory and applications
3rd April 20141pmRoom 1/G/9, Ladywell House, EdinburghPaul Lambert and Dave Griffith, University of StirlingSocial Change in Social Distance
27th March 20143pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1023Wendy Sigle-Rushton, LSEFertility and Family Policy: An Intersectional Perspective
25th March 20143pmUniversity of Southampton, Building 58, Room 2097Becca Levy, Yale UniversityAging Self-Stereotypes: Obstacle or Pathway to Health?
27th February 20143pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1023Nicola Shelton, UCLWhat is in a health geography?
20th February 20141pmLadywell House, Edinburgh, 1/G/9Albert Sabater, University of St Andrews and Benedetta Pongiglione, London School of Hygiene and Tropical MedicineThe Role of Education at Young and Older Ages in Explaining Health Inequalities in Europe
29th January 20141pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1023Helga de Valk, Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute/Vrije Universiteit BrusselA mobile Europe: background, future and implications of EU mobility
10th January 20143pmUniversity of SouthamptonTim Colbourn, Institute for Global Health, University College LondonMaternal Mortality in Malawi, 1977 to 2012
12th December 20133pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1007John MacInnes & Jeroen Spijker, University of EdinburghPopulation ageing: the time-bomb that isn't?
5th December 20131:30pmLadywell House, EdinburghPaul Lambert, University of SterlingSocial change in social distance
4th December 20134pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1007Robert McCaa, University of MinnesotaSecrets of IPUMS-International: Integrating and disseminating census microdata to researchers world-wide free of cost
15th November 20133pmUniversity of Southampton 54/5027Nerida Hunter, Australian National UniversityLongevity and the life course in Australia: implications for age-based policy settings
13th November 201312pmUniversity of Southampton 58/2097Adrian Raftery, University of WashingtonBayesian Reconstruction of Past Populations and Vital Rates for Developing and Developed Countries
7th November 20133pmUniversity of Southampton 58/2097Sabu Padmadas, University of SouthamptonFamily planning across generations in China: are choices still orthodox and restricted?
24th October 20133pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1065Andre Junqueira Caetano, Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Minas GeraisThe social context and consequences of fertility transition in Brazil
11th October 20133pmUniversity of Southampton 58/2097Nahid Kamal, MEASURE Evaluation, University of North CarolinaPresentation of icddr,b research activities on urban health and early marriage in Bangladesh
3rd October 201312pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1007Heather Booth, Australian National UniversityAccuracy and bias in coherent mortality forecasting for subpopulations based on sex and state: applications to European countries and Australian states
25th September 20133pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1007Nuala McGrath, University of SouthamptonPartnerships and sexual behaviour in rural South Africa in the era of HIV treatment
20th September 20133pmUniversity of Southampton 58/2097Christine Kelly, Population CouncilThe Malawi Schooling and Adolescent Study: Key Findings 2007-2011
8th August 20133pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1009Brienna Perelli-Harris and Mark Lyons-Amos, University of SouthamptonPartnership patterns in the United States and across Europe: which matters more - education or country?
27th June 20133pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1009Maire Ni Bhrolchain, University of SouthamptonEducation and cohabitation in Britain: return to traditional patterns?
20th June 20131pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1007Isabel Shutes, London School of EconomicsCare for Older People and Migrant Labour
14th June 201312.45-3pmThe Dome, New Register HouseFrancesco Billari, University of OxfordWhy still marry? The role of feelings in the marriage choices of young adults
17th May 20133pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1009Pearl Dykstra, Rotterdam UniversityInterdependence In European families
10th May 201312.45-3pmThe Dome, New Register HouseEmily Grundy, University of CambridgeFamily life courses and later life health
2nd May 20131pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1065Tony Champion, Newcastle UniversityThe escalator region hypothesis two decades on: a review and critique
24th April 201310.30am-3.30pmThe Dome, New Register HouseRon Lesthaeghe, Population Studies Center, BelgiumThe Second Demographic Transition theory 25 years on: predictions, interpretations and controversies.
23rd April 20132pm-4pmSchool 1, St Salvator's Quad, University of St AndrewsCelia McIntyre, National Records of ScotlandQuality assurance in the census - with a focus on demographic outputs.
23rd April 20132pm-4pmSchool 1, St Salvator's Quad, University of St AndrewsRon Lesthaeghe, Population Studies Center, BelgiumIs the 2nd Demographic Transition just a North-West European idiosyncrasy?
4th April 201312.30-2.00pmLadywell House, EdinburghNational Records of ScotlandOverview of key demographic statistics and latest results
21st March 20133pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1009Ben Wilson, London School of EconomicsThe convergence of completed fertility for migrant generations
21st March 20134pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1041Giuseppe Russo, Universita di Salerno and Centre for Studies in Economics and FinanceFiscal Revenues and Commitment in Immigration Amnesties
7th March 20133pmUniversity of Southampton 58/2097Andreas Klarner, University of RostockChanging Attitudes towards Marriage, Cohabitation, and Non-marital Childbearing in Eastern and Western Germany
1st March 20133pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1009Alexandre Sidorenko, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and ResearchActive Ageing in CIS Countries: Semantics, Challenges, and Responses
31st January 20131pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1009Asghar Zaidi, Centre for Research on Ageing / CPC, University of SouthamptonActive Ageing Index 2012: Results for 27 EU Member States
23rd January 201312.30pmLadywell House, EdinburghScott Tindall, CPC and University of EdinburghUnderstanding social networks at the Centre for Population Change
17th January 20133pmUniversity of Southampton 58/2097Sabine Zinn, NEPS (National Educational Panel Study), University of BambergFirst steps from a micro towards a multi-level approach in demography
6th December 201213.15pmUniversity of Southampton 58/4121Shelley Clark, McGill University, CanadaSingle Motherhood and Child Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Life Course Perspective
30th November 201212.45pmUniversity of Southampton 58/4121Carol Holland and Alexis Boukouvalas, Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing'Activity and engagement effects on ageing cognition' and 'Statistical methods for computer experiments'
28th November 201212.30pmLadywell House, EdinburghFrancesca Fiori, Elspeth Graham and Zhiqiang Feng, CPC and University of St AndrewsGeographical context and fertility in Britain
26th November 20124pmSt Andrews University Irvine Lecture TheatreEilidh Garrett, University of Cambridge and University of St AndrewsHousing, horses, movement and mortality; child loss in Scotland, Ireland and England 1891-1911
15th November 20123pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1007Ingrid Schoon, Department of Quantitative Social Science, Institute of EducationBeating the odds: family poverty, family instability and children's adjustment, evidence from the Millenium Cohort Study
24th October 201212.30pmLadywell House, EdinburghRobert Macpherson, University of St Andrews and Umea UniversityLabour market segmentation in the Swedish welfare state: Evidence of a migrant division of labour?
18th October 20123pmUniversity of Southampton 58/4121Priya Khambhaita, University of SouthamptonBritish Indians & Indian Americans. Drawing parallels between second generation return migrants to India in their motivations to return
19th June 20123pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1009Karen Gask, Office for National Statistics (ONS)Work on families at the Office for National Statistics
15th June 2012National Records of Scotland (Edinburgh)Zhongwei Zhao, Australian National UniversityAn introduction to some studies of long-term mortality changes and health impact of environmental conditions in East Asia
17th May 20122pm-4pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1007Mario Rutten, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of AmsterdamLiving abroad and returning home: young Indian migrants in London and in Gujarat
11th May 201212pmUniversity of Southampton 58/4121Vern Bengtson, University of CaliforniaHas parental influence on young adults declined? A longitudinal study of families and religion
19th April 201211amNew Register House, EdinburghTomas Sobotka, Vienna Institute of Demography (VID) / Austrian Academy of Sciences and Wittgenstein Centre for Demography & Global Human CapitalEconomic recession and fertility: past evidence and recent trends
18th April 201211amUniversity of Southampton 58/4121MiYoung An, Kookmin UniversityIs policy succeeding? Gender differences in national pensions in Korea
13th April 20121pmUniversity of Southampton 02/2043Dominic Kniveton, University of SussexMigration and climate change: an agent-based approach
27th March 201212.30pmLadywell House, Edinburgh, room 1/G/9Sharani Osborn, Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, University of EdinburghMen on becoming fathers: preliminary findings from qualitative research with fathers of two
22nd March 20123pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1009Laurent Toulemon, Institut national d'etudes demographiques (INED)People with two places of residence: who are they? why should we care?
16th March 20123pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1009Sara Seims, Population & Reproductive Health David and Lucile Packard FoundationThoughts on the Unfinished Agenda for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
12th March 201211amNew Register House, EdinburghPeter McDonald, Australian National UniversityThe relatively high fertility of the English-speaking countries
9th March 201212.30pmUniversity of Southampton 37/Senate roomRt.Hon. David Willetts MPThe Pinch: How the baby boomers took their children's future and why they should give it back
8th March 20121pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1007Sue Heath, Morgan Centre for the Study of Relationships and Personal Life, University of ManchesterGifts, loans and intergenerational support towards the costs of living independently in young adulthood
6th March 20123pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1039Marc Suhrcke, University of East AngliaObesity in developing countries: what do we learn from 244 Demographic and Health Surveys?
29th February 201212.30pmUniversity of St AndrewsAllan Findlay, University of St Andrews, Jakub Bijak, University of Southampton and Richard Black, University of SussexMigration in the context of global environmental change: threat or opportunity
24th February 201211amUniversity of Southampton 58/3017Asghar Zaidi, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy & ResearchSustainability and adequacy of pensions in EU countries. A cross-national perspective
26th January 20123pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1065Alasdair Rutherford, University of StirlingWho Cares for Whom? Rural Ageing, Migration and Networks of Informal Care
19th January 20122pmUniversity of Southampton 58/4121Karel Neels, University of AntwerpFemale education, labour markets and fertility outcomes: tempo and quantum of first births in Belgium between 1960 and 2000
9th December 20113pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1007Yves Berger, University of SouthamptonEstimating Population Change from Repeated Surveys
6th December 201112:30pmLadywell House, room 1/G/9David McCollum, University of St AndrewsEmbodying the 'good' migrant: the imagination and production of the ideal Latvian worker
2nd December 20111pmNational Records of Scotland (Edinburgh) The DomeChris Dibben, University of St AndrewsUpdate on the Scottish Longitudinal Study
17th November 20113pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1009Michael Murphy, LSE Health/Department of Social Policy, London School of Economics and Political ScienceFuture British mortality prospects
17th November 201112:30pmLadywell House, room 1/G/9Marina Shapira, University of EdinburghMigration, Mobility and its Impact on Socio-Demographic Processes: Moving on and moving up: The implications of socio-spatial mobility for union stability/dissolution
2nd November 20114pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1009Frans Willekens, Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI)Multistate survival analysis with R
20th October 20113pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1009Nissa Finney, Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research, University of ManchesterA lifecourse perspective on the role of ethnicity in internal migration in young adulthood in Britain.
16th September 201112:30pmLadywell House, room 1/G/9Gunnar Malmberg, University of UmeaFamily networks and mobility - experiences from research on Swedish register data.
1st September 20113pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1065John Bryant, Statistics New ZealandDemographic Estimates and Projections Using Multiple Data Sources: A Bayesian Approach
19th August 20113pmUniversity of SouthamptonBrienna Perelli-Harris, University of SouthamptonDifferentials in second birth rates by union type: a comparison across Europe and the United States
12th August 20113pmUniversity of SouthamptonMichael Wolfson, University of OttawaHealthPaths Dynamics - Using Functional Health Trajectories to Quantify Impacts on Health-Adjusted Life Expectancy (HALE) in Canada
22nd July 20112pmUniversity of Southampton 58/2097Anu Kou, University of GroningenA life course approach to high-skilled migration: migrant biographies of Indians in the Netherlands and United Kingdom
14th June 201112:30pmLadywell House, room 1/G/9Chris Wilson, University of St AndrewsIntergenerational replacement and migration: European examples
27th May 20111pmUniversity of Southampton 58 / 1023Jennifer Baird, University of SouthamptonGoing Solo Revisited: The dynamics of living alone at older ages in two Nairobi slums.
26th May 201112pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1065Paul Bridgen, University of SouthamptonSocial democracy and social policy change in liberal welfare states
24th May 201112:30pmLadywell House, room 1/G/9Alasdair Rutherford, University of StirlingWho Cares for Whom? Exploring Informal Caregiving in the BHPS
20th May 201112:30pmLadywell House, room 1/G/9Irene Mosca, Trinity College DublinThe impact of migration on the mental health of older adults in Ireland.
19th May 20113pmUniversity of Southampton 58 / 1023Melanie Frost, University of OxfordThe Value of Children and Theories of Fertility Transition
12th May 201112:30pmLadywell House, room 1/G/9William Clark, University of California Los AngelesDo women delay family formation in expensive housing markets?
10th May 20113pmUniversity of Southampton 58/4121Shayla Goldring, Office for National StatisticsAn introduction to the ONS Longitudinal Study
29th March 201112:30pmLadywell House, room 1/G/9Beata Nowok, University of St AndrewsMigration and Life Satisfaction
18th March 20111pmUniversity of Southampton 54/7033Vicky Hosegood, University of Southampton'Missing' men: Family health in rural South Africa
17th March 201112pmUniversity of Southampton 58/2097Dr Traute Meyer, University of SouthamptonThe financial crisis as emergency - lessons for welfare research
11th March 20111pmUniversity of Southampton 58 / 1065Maarten J. Bijlsma, University of GroningenAge, period and cohort effects in the prescription of benzodiazepine and statin in the Netherlands 1994 - 2009.
7th March 201112.30pmUniversity of St AndrewsDavid McCollum, University of St AndrewsEastern European migration and the UK labour market: The recruitment and function of 'A8' labour migrants. Labour user and labour provider perspectives
4th March 20111pmUniversity of Southampton 58/2097Ewa Tabeau, International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, United NationsDemography of Armed Conflict in the Perspective of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY)
3rd March 20113pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1023Máire Ní Bhrolcháin and Eva Beaujouan, University of SouthamptonUncertainty in fertility intentions in Britain 1979-2007: how real are reproductive goals?
28th February 201112:30pmLadywell House, room 1/G/9Francesca Fiori, University of St AndrewsThe role of economic insecurity on the intention of having two children in Italy
24th February 20113pmUniversity of Southampton 58/2097Adam Dennett, University College LondonUnderstanding inter-censal migration in Britain using a new migration classification framework
6th January 20113pmUniversity of Southampton 58/1009Nick Parr, Macquarie UniversityThe Contribution of Recent Increases in Family Benefits to Australia's Early 21st Century Fertility Increase: An Empirical Analysis
6th December 20102pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/2097Corrado Giulietti, Institute for the Study of LaborSocial Networks and the Labour Market Outcomes of Rural to Urban Migrants in China
18th November 20102pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1009Sylvie Dubuc, University of OxfordFertility of ethnic and religious groups in the UK
20th September 20102pmUniversity of Southampton, 58/1009Vernon Gayle, University of StirlingYouth Transitions in the 21st Century - future directions for data, methods and theory
30th June 20101pmUniversity of St Andrews, Arts/003Tomáš Sobotka, Vienna Institute of DemographyFertility in Europe:Cloudy past and uncertain future
28th June 20103pmUniversity of St Andrews, Arts/003Catherine De Wenden, Centre for International Studies and Research, ParisMigration flows, migration policies and citizenship in Europe (working title)
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