Research Programme

New mobilities and migration

Research co-ordinated by Professor Allan Findlay, Dr David McCollum, Professor Derek McGhee and Professor Jackie Wahba.

Current Projects:

Analysing mobility trends over time and space in relation to the increased fluidity of the lifecourse
Allan Findlay, Vernon Gayle, David McCollum, Glenna Nightingale, Ye Liu

Dynamics and policy implications of changes in student mobility
Allan Findlay, Jane Falkingham, David McCollum, Laura Prazeres

Economic change and internal population dynamics: an innovative study of new residential mobilities in Scotland
David McCollum, Albert Sabater, Zhiqiang Feng, Nissa Finney, Allan Findlay, Annemarie Ernsten, Glenna Nightingale

Examining the drivers, impacts and long-term trajectories of Polish migration a decade after accession
Derek McGhee, Chris Moreh, Emilia Pietka-Nykaza

Migrants during the economic crisis
Jackie Wahba, Hector Calvo Pardo, Corrado Giulietti, Chuhong Wang, Dafni Papoutsaki

The pension rights of intra-EU migrant workers
Paul Bridgen, Traute Meyer, Josh Moran, Roxana Barbulescu


Completed Projects:

Coping with the Urban Environment? Gender Disadvantage, Social Inequalities and Well-being of Economic Migrants in China 
Sabu Padmadas, Jane Falkingham, Bohua Li, Min Qin, James Brown, Zhiwei wu, Zhenzhen Zheng, Nyovani Madise

Does unemployment cause return migration
Jackie Wahba, Christian Schluter, Govert E Bijwaard

Free movement, pension costs: the projected pension outcomes of European Union migrants to Britain in comparative perspective
Paul Bridgen, Traute Meyer, Caroline Andow

International labour mobility and its impact on family and household formation among Polish migrants living in England and Scotland
Derek McGhee, Sue Heath, Paulina Trevena

International labour mobility - The changing patterns of recruitment and employment of central and E. European migrants working in England and Scotland
Allan Findlay, David McCollum

Moving on and moving up: the implications of socio-spatial mobility for partnership and fertility
Vernon Gayle, Paul Boyle, Elspeth Graham, Marina Shapira

Non-labour market implications of family migration
Maarten van Ham, Allan Findlay, Vernon Gayle, Beata Nowok

Rural ageing, migration and care
David Bell, Alison Bowes, Alasdair Rutherford, Elizabeth Schröder-Butterfill

Welfare migration
Jackie Wahba, Corrado Giulietti

Integrated Modelling of European Migration (IMEM) 
James Raymer, Peter W. F. Smith, Jon Forster, Jakub Bijak, Guy Abel, Arek Wiƛniowski

Tried and Trusted? The role of NGOs in Asylum Seekers and Irregular Migrant Voluntary Returns
Derek McGhee, Bridget Anderson, Claire Bennett, Sarah Walker


Related research

Sustainable Deltas, 2015 Project
Sylvia Szabo et al.

Understanding Migrants' Choices
Jackie Wahba et al.