Research Programme

Fertility and family change

Research co-ordinated by Professor Ann Berrington and Professor Elspeth Graham.


Current Projects:

Family dynamics and inequality
Ann Berrington, Juliet Stone 

Fertility dynamics in the context of economic recession
Ann Berrington, Juliet Stone

Fertility in the context of economic recession and international migration: a comparative study of Italy, Spain and the UK
Elspeth Graham, Zhiqiang Feng, Lynn Jamieson, John MacInnes, Francesca Fiori, Albert Sabater, Adele Lebano 

Female-Breadwinner Families in Europe
Agnese Vitali

Household and family demography in global south
Vicky Hosegood

Non-marital childbearing project
Brienna Perelli-Harris, Marta Styrc, Nora Sanchez-Gassen, Mark Lyons-Amos

Partnerships and sexual behaviour in the era of ART in South Africa
Nuala McGrath

The consequences of new living arrangements in cross-national comparison
Brienna Perelli-Harris, Stefanie Hoherz, Marta Styrc 

Completed Projects:

Do marital prospects dissuade unmarried fertility
John Knowles

Factors facilitating fertility recuperation
Ann Berrington, Serena Pattaro

Fertility and the distribution of income and wealth
Alice Schoonbroodt, Xavier Mateos-Planas

Intergenerational transmission and local cultures of fertility
Elspeth Graham, Paul Boyle, Zhiqiang Feng, Francesca Fiori

Measuring and accounting for fertility trends 
Máire Ní Bhrolcháin, Eva Beaujouan

The development of an improved data resource on fertility and partnership
Máire Ní Bhrolcháin, Ann Berrington, Eva Beaujouan

The economics of fertility: Fertility booms and propagation of the post-war marriage squeeze
John Knowles

Twenty+ Futures: Recession, global threats and young people's anticipated futures as partners and parents
Lynn Jamieson, Sarah Cunningham BurleyEmma Rawlins

Uncertainty in fertility intentions in Britain, 1979-2007
Máire Ní Bhrolcháin, Eva Beaujouan