Research Programme

About our research programme

Our communities are being shaped and re-shaped at unprecedented speed. Changing patterns of migration, fertility, family and household dynamics and ageing all interact to create our society. Understanding the extent, drivers and implications of these changes is essential to develop appropriate policy responses at the national, regional and local level - ranging from provision of services for school children through to the design of pension schemes for today's increasingly mobile population.

In the first phase of CPC research, the programme was organised under four themes: Fertility and family formation; Living arrangements across the life course; National and transnational migration; and Modelling population growth and enhancing the evidence base for policy.

In its second phase, building on the achievements so far and reflecting elements of both continuity and change, the scientific programme is organised around the five themes of:

1.         Fertility and family change
2.         Increasing longevity and the changing life course
3.         New mobilities and migration
4.         Understanding intergenerational relations & exchange
5.         Integrated demographic estimation and forecasting

Within these areas we are undertaking a series of research projects using methods ranging from in-depth qualitative studies, to enable us to discover more about underlying individual demographic behaviour, through to complex statistical and economic modelling.

In addition to this work, CPC members have undertaken work relating to the Scottish independence and EU referendums.

The ESRC Centre for Population Change's scientific research agenda has been developed in consultation with the Office for National Statistics and the National Records of Scotland.