CPC Newsletter Autumn 2012

Welcome to the Autumn 2012 CPC Newsletter

We hope our newsletter finds you well. CPC has had a busy few months, and we hope the items below will give you a flavour of the publications, research and events that we have been involved in. For further information on the work of CPC, please visit our website at www.cpc.ac.uk

New working papers

CPC has produced four new working papers since our last newsletter in Spring 2012:

CPC Annual Report published

Our Annual Report provides information on all our activities during the previous financial year. The report is submitted to our funders the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) every March for assessment.

CPC celebrates the 350th anniversary of John Graunt's Bills of Mortality

29 November 2012 - CPC, with The British Society for Population Studies (BSPS) and Gresham College, held a symposium to mark the 350th anniversary of John Graunt's work on the Bills of Mortality; commonly viewed as the birth of UK, and perhaps even European, demography.

Policy event on recent changes in young adults’ housing and independent living

23 November 2012 - The findings of a programme of research on independent living among young adults were presented to a policy audience at the Local Government Association (LGA) offices, Smith Square, London.

A new framework for migration statistics

In the UK, annual population and migration statistics are produced to meet a diverse range of requirements relating to resource allocation, policy making, local service provision, commerce and research. They provide information on how populations are changing over time, which is influenced by wider social, cultural and natural environments.

What is the role of schooling in the integration and settlement process of new Polish migrants to the UK?

Though the post-accession migration wave from Poland to the UK was initially seen as transient, a clear trend towards settlement and family formation has by now been acknowledged. One of the signifiers of the settlement process is the considerable increase in numbers of Polish children in British schools (DCSF 2007). CPC research published in a new COMPAS Breakfast Briefing explores the issues related to schooling and how these impact on the integration of Polish families and their future migration decisions.

The changing living arrangements of young adults in the UK

More young adults in the UK are living with their parents or are living outside a family compared with 10 years ago, investigators have found. Changes in education and work appear to play a key role in these trends, says the research team.

More complexity in mid-life

New research from CPC suggests that over the last 25 years the lives of British men and women in mid-life have become more varied.

The coming together of disciplines; the example of migration

Sociologists and economists have traditionally taken different perspectives on studying phenomena such as migration; in the past sociologists have focused on the social/political consequences of migration while economists traditionally focused on the factors driving migration.

CPC Director attends UNECE Ministerial Conference on Ageing

CPC Director, Professor Jane Falkingham, attended the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Ministerial Conference on Ageing in September 2012.

Innovative Perspectives on Population Mobility: Mobility Immobility and Wellbeing

On July 2nd-3rd, the University of St Andrews hosted a conference held under the joint auspices of the Centre for Population Change (CPC) and the Population Geography Research Group (PGRG) of the RGS-IBG. The conference attracted an international audience of 50 delegates for discussions around the theme of 'Innovative perspectives on population mobility: Mobility, immobility and well-being'.

CPC at the European Population Conference, 2012

The European Population Conference (EPC) is a bi-annual conference organised by the European Association for Population Studies (EAPS). EAPS is an international and multidisciplinary forum for population studies with a special focus on Europe.

PopFest 2012 round-up

The 20th Annual PopFest Conference, sponsored by CPC, took place at the University of Loughborough in June. The conference report, including lots of photos from the event can be found here.

Population Association of America Annual Meeting 2012

The 2012 Population Association of America Annual Meeting was held in San Francisco, California on the 2nd to 5th May. Over 2,100 participants attended including ten members of CPC staff who presented papers or posters.

More information

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