Population Association of America Prize for Dr Albert Sabater

CPC's Albert Sabater, with colleagues Elspeth Graham, Fran Viciana and Diego Ramiro, has won a poster prize for 'Parental Support and Transition to Second Birth in a Low-Fertility Setting: The Case of Andalusia in Spain' at the Population Association of America Annual Meeting that was held from 27 - 29 April 2017 in Chicago.

Albert has an interest in social and demographic issues with a background in quantitative analysis. He is currently working within the fertility and family, longevity, intergenerational exchange and migration strands of CPC, for which he is working on the following projects:

Fertility in the context of economic recession and international migration: an analysis of Britain, Italy and Spain

Economic change and internal population dynamics: an innovative study of new residential mobilities in Scotland

Children's educational attainment and the longevity of parents: The impact of upward intergenerational health transfers

Residential age segregation in Britain that has just been linked to the 'Increasing residential age segregation in Britain' article published in the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP).


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