CPC's Dr Jakub Bijak discusses 'illusions of migration' in new blog

A new blog by Dr Jakub Bijak, 'Migration: illusion of prediction, illusion of control' is now live on The UK in a Changing Europe website.

Jakub, Associate Professor in Demography and recent recipient of a prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant, wrote the blog which discusses if migration can really be managed and warns of the complexity and consequences of attempted migration control, as part of a project 'Tales of migration: citizenship, benefits and identity in Brexit Britain', which is part of the UK in a Changing Europe initiative. This project has also included a recent CPC policy roundtable event 'Tales of Migration' at the Palace of Westminster and important research video podcasts by some of CPC's most esteemed academics on the subject of migration.

Other work of interest includes the following CPC Briefing Papers:
'Who are EU migrants in England and Wales?'
'How to forecast international migration'
'Expense turns to investment: How the welfare state supports EU migrants' economic achievements'
'Should I stay or should I go? Strategies of EU citizens living in the EU in the context of the EU referendum'


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