Informal carers required to take part in online survey for Carer Time Use project

The CPC Carers and Time Use project team would like to find out the views of anyone who informally cares for older adults, that is those who are carrying out some caring tasks for an older person but are not employed as carers. We want to learn more about the activities people do as part of their care role and better capture carers' experiences of providing support. The team aim to provide better information for policymakers on which to base their decisions, ultimately benefitting all those who provide unpaid care for older people.

To capture a week in the life of a carer we would like participants to complete a time use diary for one week, with a possible second week three months later. This will help the team to learn more about how those who care use their time. The diary has been co-produced by the CPC team and carers of older adults. To make it easier for carers to take part an online diary is available.

We would also like to interview people before and after the diary completion, face-to-face or by telephone, in Scotland, England, and Wales.
If you would like to take part in the research, or if you wish to discuss the study further prior to making a decision, please contact Rosalie Ashworth or Nadine Thomas using the following contact details:

Rosalie Ashworth:, 01786467728

Nadine Thomas:


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