CPC paper makes Policy Press free article of the month

An article 'The combination of 'insider' and 'outsider' strategies in VSO-government partnerships: the relationship between Refugee Action and the Home Office in the UK' written by CPC's Professor Derek McGhee and CPC Associates Claire Bennett and Sarah Walker, has been announced as one of the top five most read articles published in Voluntary Sector Review in 2016.

Concerns about refugees are at the forefront of political and media agendas and evidence to support discussions about how our country assists refugees, the strategies of organisations responsible and whether there is space to make positive change ensuring benefits to those in need, is essential. This article explores these issues by examining the relationship between Refugee Action and the Home Office, which funds it to deliver the Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) programme for asylum seekers and irregular migrants in the UK. The article explores what drives these two organisations and how dominance, resistance and freedom are differently perceived and impact upon the two organisations' actions.

The research for this article was funded by the ESRC and is based on a collaboration between CPC and COMPAS members, with established and outstanding combined knowledge about the refugee sector and migration, including CPC projects 'Tried and Trusted? The role of NGOs in Asylum Seekers and Irregular Migrant Voluntary Returns' 'Understanding the drivers and consequence of population changes in the UK in the context of a changing Europe'.

The article has been awarded 'Free journal articles of the month' status for its popularity during 2016 and will be free to access on the Policy Press website during February 2017.


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