Italian Association for Population Studies Conference 2017

On Thursday 9th February CPC members will present their latest research findings at the Italian Association for Population Studies Conference 2017. CPC's Dr Francesca Fiori and Professor Elspeth Graham will present their paper 'Women's labour market trajectories, economic precariousness and the intention to have a second child in Italy: realization, postponement or revision?' which details their most up-to-date work on their project investigating fertility in Italy using a range of quantitative data sources and interviews.

Dr Agnese Vitali's research 'Better alone than badly accompanied? Intention and realization of leaving the parental home in Italy' and 'Why pool resources in marriage? A study on the choice of matrimonial property regime in Italy' will also be presented. Dr Valeria Bordone will be discussing her work on 'Age identity and grandparental childcare in Germany' which highlights the association between feeling old and childcare for grandchildren.

The event, which is held every two years and runs from 8th - 10th February, is one of the most important initiatives of the Italian Association for the Study of Population (Sis-Aisp). Leading experts and scholars, mainly from academia, the National Institute of Statistics (Istat) and other national and governmental agencies, come together to present completed, planned, and ongoing research. The conference provides an opportunity for discussion across a broad range of issues currently debated about population and society. This year's event will be organised in collaboration with the Swedish Demographic Association with Gunnar Andersson and Gerda Neyer confirmed as keynote speakers.

Further information on the conference can be found here


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