Dr Brienna Perelli-Harris on BBC World News

CPC'S Brienna Perelli-Harris joins 'Global marriage trends' debate on BBC World News

How are attitudes to marriage changing across the world? CPC Associate Professor, Dr Brienna Perelli-Harris was invited to discuss her research on BBC World News on Thursday 24 November. Drawing on her extensive research on marriage and cohabitation in Europe, Australia and America, Brienna discussed current variations in marriage trends and the value of marriage in Europe and the USA. The panel debate was hosted by BBC's Matthew Amroliwala, with Dr Zaki Wahhaj, Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Kent and Karen Cinnamon, a Wedding blogger.

Dr Perelli-Harris emphasised the findings of her research which reveals most countries in Europe and America have experienced an increase in cohabitation, but that there is much variation in both the reasons for it, and its popularity. For example in America cohabitation is linked with disadvantage while those with higher education are more likely to marry, however in Eastern Germany, marriage is simply seen as 'irrelevant' and may just be arranged for legal reasons.

Preceding her appearance on the BBC, Dr Perelli-Harris has also been honoured with a prestigious award for social demography for her outstanding research on cohabitation and childbearing across Europe.

Read more about Brienna's research in CPC 'Is marriage or cohabitation better for mental well-being?' , 'The increase in cohabitation and the role of marital status in family policies: a comparison of 12 European countries' and 'Is there a link between the divorce revolution and the cohabitation boom?'.


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