CPC launches ‘Changing Populations’

We are excited to announce the launch of our new bulletin 'Changing Populations', updating you on all of the latest news from our research teams and knowledge exchange activities.

In the first edition we look at our constitutional change research in relation to the UK referendum on membership of the EU, highlighting the findings of our projects on the implications of Brexit for EU migrants living in the UK and our Sociology of Brexit seminar series funded by the Sociological Review Foundation.

We also explore our research on the changing role of women within society, from the effect of education on the timing of women entering motherhood to the rise of female breadwinner families. You can also read about our recent work in South Africa investigating if an increase in attendance at of couples counselling leads to an increase in the uptake of HIV testing.

Download your copy of Changing Populations here, or pick up a copy at our conference stands, where our team will also be happy to discuss any of our work in further detail.


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