ESRC Festival of Social Science

8-9 November 2017 - CPC will open its first Festival of Social Science public engagement events organised in collaboration with other Southampton ESRC funded Research Centres: the Administrative Research Data Centre - England (ADRC-E), National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) and the University of Southampton Public Engagement with Research team. An invitation is extended to all, to attend two evenings of informal and interactive talks designed to educate and celebrate Social Science. Two nights, two questions:

Wednesday 8 November
'Is migration really changing the UK as we know it?'

Migration is a complex issue that continues to make headlines and spark debate around the country. This event will help you to separate the fact from the fiction and provides the opportunity to discuss the issue with social science researchers.

Talks will include: 'Why is it so hard to get detailed counts of UK migration?' by Professor Dave Martin, 'The future of UK migration', by CPC's Dr David Hilton and 'How does migration impact the UK in the context of an ageing population?', by Dr Julie Vullnetari.

Thursday 9 November
'Will welfare and pensions really ensure we have a happy and healthy retirement?'

Happiness and health in retirement is an issue we will all face as we get older. Is it really possible to have both, who and what can we rely on to support us and what are the impacts on others as we age?

Talks will include Johannes Hechler from the Office for National Statistics, who will discuss the demographic background of an ageing population, CPC's Maja Palmer who will discuss caring and ageing in Western Europe and the impacts this has on couples, families and individuals and CPC's Natalia Permyakova who will compare this information with caring and health based on studies in Eastern Europe. What can we learn from these studies and is there a right or wrong answer?

These informal and entertaining evenings will also include exhibition stands from each of the research centres and visitors can even try out an 'ageing suit', courtesy of Winchester School of Art Design Management Lecturer Dr Yuanyuan Yin.

Further information about these events and how to register for your FREE ticket is available on the University of Southampton Public Engagement with Research website.

To keep up to date with this event, please follow @CPCpopulation and @ESRC on Twitter and tag #esrcfestival


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