CPC at BSPS Annual Conference 2017

6 - 8 September 2017 - CPC were delighted to share papers at the British Society for Population Studies (BSPS) Annual Conference 2017 which was held at the University of Liverpool.

BSPS is a non-profitable society of persons with a scientific interest in the study of human populations, the president of which is also CPC's Director, Professor Jane Falkingham. The main objectives of BSPS are to further the scientific study of biological, economic, historical, medical, social and other disciplines connected with human populations and to contribute to the public awareness of them. BSPS provides a forum for discussion of these issues and is a vehicle for the interchange of ideas. CPC contributed towards these objectives at the annual conference.

On Wednesday 6 September, 'Ethnic differences in aspirations and realities in transitions to adulthood' by Professor Ann Berrington was presented at the 'Family formation: attitudes and behaviours' session and 'Forecasting of UK Demographic Rates using Bayesian Generalised Additive Models' was presented at the 'Innovations in demographic forecasting' session.

On Thursday 7 September, the following papers were presented:
'Theoretical implications of shifts in age - specific fertility, mortality and migration rates' and 'The benefits of lower -level elasticity analysis to infer population dynamic drivers' were presented at the 'Innovative demographic methods' session.

'Linked lives and households: Re-allocation of social pension by beneficiaries of older persons cash transfer programme in Kenya' was presented at the 'Linked lives: the determinants of intergenerational relationships' session.

'What do international students do after completing their studies in the UK?' was presented at the 'International migration and immigrant integration' session.

'Contraceptive use among migrant women with a history of induced abortions in Finland' was presented at the 'Reproductive health 2' session.

'Four decades of changes in partners' relative incomes: Gender revolution or men's unemployment?' was presented at the 'Gender (in)equality within the family' session.

'Investigating aggregation effects in small area health data using synthetic microdata and automated zone design' was presented at the 'Innovative data collection and processing' session.

On Thursday 7 September from 11.00am - 12.30pm, CPC's Dr Agnese Vitali chaired 'Fertility and reproductive health: employment' and from 3.30pm - 4.30pm, CPC's Director Professor Jane Falkingham chaired 'Putting family centre-stage: Family ties and spatial mobility'.

On Friday 8 September, the following papers were presented:
'Decomposing Europe's population growth into stable and transient components' and 'Inferring transient dynamics of human populations from non-normality metrics' were presented at the Interdisciplinary methodological advances in mathematical demography session.

'Women's fertility histories and pathways to allostatic load in post reproductive age: analysis of the Indonesian Family Longitudinal Survey' was presented at the 'Health: Ageing' session.

'Intergenerational family support amongst three cohorts of older people in China' was presented at the 'Families: A cross-cohort perspective on demographic processes' session.

On Friday 8 September from 11.30am - 1.00pm, CPC's Dr Heini Vaisanen chaired ' Fertility intentions'.

The full programme of simultaneous strand sessions of submitted papers and posters are available here.

To keep up to date with CPC's latest news and updates about BSPS, please follow @CPCpopulation @bspsUK


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