Workshop: Going beyond the country: Exploring sub-national effects on socio-demographic phenomena with European Social Survey data.

Call for papers: CPC's Dr Agnese Vitali and Dr Bruno Arpino of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra will be holding an ESS ERIC Academic Workshop from 18 - 19 January 2018 at the University of Southampton.

Individuals' decisions, values and attitudes are influenced by the context in which they are embedded. Often, socio-demographic studies analyse how specific attitudes or behaviours (e.g. timing of life-course event, attitudes towards immigration, gender equality, etc.) vary geographically across countries. However, for several outcomes the regional context may exert more influence than the national one. The European Social Survey proves to be a unique source of comparable socio-demographic data for mapping and understanding geographical differences in behaviours and attitudes across and within European countries. We invite contributions which make use of European Social Survey (ESS) data and propose to explore the sub-national dimension in socio-demographic outcomes including (but not restricted to): family; fertility; gender; migrants; ageing; health and wellbeing. We especially welcome contributions which make use of multilevel and spatial regression models.


The workshop will bring together academics who are interested in exploring the sub-national dimension in socio-demographic studies and will promote ESS as an invaluable instrument in this respect. The aims of the workshop are:
• To reflect on the role of sub-national contexts for explaining differences in socio-demographic attitudes and behaviours across Europe;
• To discuss how new attitudes and behaviours spread spatially across geographical areas that may overcome national boundaries;
• To discuss how multilevel and spatial models can be fruitfully applied to study the regional vs. national influence on individuals' outcomes.


18 January (afternoon only)
Short course: Introduction to multilevel and spatial modelling

The course introduces the key ideas in multilevel and spatial analysis. The focus will be on the advantages and disadvantages of the two approaches from a substantive point of view and will be illustrated with examples from the social sciences. Limitations of the application of multilevel and spatial models to ESS data will be discussed.

19 January (all day)
Presentations of research papers
Panel discussion on opportunities and challenges of exploring the sub-national dimension using ESS data.

Call for papers: how to apply

Please submit an original extended abstract (5 pages maximum) or a full paper to: by no later than 15 November 2017.

In the email please specify: name, surname, affiliation and current position of the applicant(s). Further information is available here.

No fee is required to participate in the workshop. Lunches and coffee breaks will be provided, but participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation costs. A limited number of travel and accommodation grants are available (preference will be given to early-career researchers).


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