CPC presenting at the Understanding Society Scientific Conference

11 - 13 July 2017 - CPC presented a broad selection of fascinating research findings as part of the Understanding Society Conference which was held at the University of Essex in July.

On Tuesday 11th July presentations included:

Ann Berrington: Family relationships session - 1:30-2:00 "Income, Welfare, Housing and the Transition to Higher Order Births in the UK"

Brienna Perelli-Harris: Family dynamics using harmonized cross-national data - 3:30-4pm "Is There a Link Between the Divorce Revolution and the Cohabitation Boom"

On Wednesday 12th July presentations included:

Ann Berrington: Ethnic diversity in the UK (part 2) session - 2:00-2:30 "Ethnic differences in aspirations and realities in the transition to adulthood"

On Thursday 13th July presentations included:

Stefanie Hoherz: Parenting, employment and health session - 2:30-3:00 "Parental work hour demands and quality time with children"

Vernon Gayle: Education session - 2:30-3:00 "Working Class Kids and School Qualifications: An Investigation of Scottish Education Using Longitudinal and Administrative Social Science Data"

The full programme and further details are available here.

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Also of interest may be the Second International Conference on the Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys - Understanding Society is also hosting this "MOLSII" conference at the University of Essex in July 2018. The call for monograph papers is now open and closes on 19 June.


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