CPC informs Brexit discussion at the Palace of Westminster

24 April 2017 - CPC was delighted to host a policy roundtable event: 'Tales of Migration', in collaboration with Public Policy Southampton, The UK in a Changing Europe and Hilary Benn MP at the Palace of Westminster.

The roundtable discussed recent research findings as part of a project 'Tales of migration: citizenship, benefits and identity in Brexit Britain', which is part of the UK in a Changing Europe initiative.

Following the referendum on the UK's membership of the EU, the topic of migration from other EU countries and free movement has been highlighted as critical and policy-relevant. The debate has also reflected concerns about an overstretched welfare system and alleged benefit tourism. But who are the EU migrants living in the UK, who will arguably be among those most immediately and directly affected by the outcome of the referendum? How have policy changes discussed in the run-up to the referendum already changed EU migrants' entitlements, and how might this affect their economic contribution to the British economy? What coping strategies do EU migrants themselves envisage as the UK leaves the EU? In order to address this evidence gap, research has been undertaken by the Centre for Population Change to provide an independent source of information and insight about UK-EU relations.

The policy roundtable aimed to provide key stakeholders with the opportunity to engage in the policy implications of this research, and to draw together expertise around the issue, in the crucial period during which we define our priorities for Brexit.

Further work forming part of the 'Tales of migration: citizenship, benefits and identity in Brexit Britain', includes important research video podcasts by some of CPC's most esteemed academics on the subject of migration:

'Who is a typical migrant in the UK today?' by Professor Jane Falkingham
'Can migration be fully controlled?' by Dr Jakub Bijak
'Should EU migrants get benefits after Brexit?' by Dr Paul Bridgen
'How much are UK migrants worth?' by Dr Hector Calvo Pardo
'Does migration make us happy?' by Dr Corrado Giulietti
'Will EU migrants stay or leave the UK after Brexit?' by Professor Derek McGhee

Also available are CPC Briefing Papers and Blogs:

CPC Briefing Paper 'Who are EU migrants in England and Wales?'
CPC Briefing Paper 'How to forecast international migration'
CPC Briefing Paper 'Expense turns to investment: How the welfare state supports EU migrants' economic achievements'
CPC Briefing Paper 'Should I stay or should I go? Strategies of EU citizens living in the EU in the context of the EU referendum'

New CPC Blog hosted by The UK in a Changing Europe by Dr Corrado Giulietti 'Immigration and happiness in the UK'
New CPC Blog hosted by Public Policy Southampton by Professor Jane Falkingham 'How Brexit impacts families in the UK'
New CPC Blog hosted by Public Policy Southampton by Dr Jakub Bijak 'Migration: Illusion of prediction, illusion of control'


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