Pint of Science Festival: Predicting Migration

25 May 2016 - Jakub Bijak spoke at the 'People on the move: Understanding Migration' event, part of the Pint of Science Festival in Southampton. Pint of Science is a non-profit organisation which coordinates a festival of interesting and relevant talks on the latest science research in an accessible format to the public in pubs across the world. The event also included pub quizzes, hands-on activities and pint-sized experiments.

Dr Bijak's talk, 'Predicting Migration', explored the fascinating and controversial world of international migration. It focused on the uncertainty with regard to who are migrants; why, how, where, when, and how many people migrate; and how many more are expected to do so. He examined the extent to which policies can influence migration, and looked at the possible responses to the current refugee crisis. Specifically in the context of the European referendum, he concentrated on the UK and EU migration.

Also talking at the event was CPC Associate Dr Corrado Giulietti. 'Welfare Magnets and Happiness' investigated whether and how migration can influence the happiness of individuals. He spoke about how economists study this important issue and what empirical evidence there is so far.

The event was held at the Brewhouse and Kitchen pub on Wednesday 25 May 2016 at 7pm, find out more here.


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